Stadtbahn-Simulator Düsseldorf 应用的评论


Can’t play it

It’s a very good game! When I first got the game it ran okay, but now I can’t even play it because it freezes right before I’m able to start! I try force quitting it, but the same thing happens EVERY SINGLE TIME! I just want to play the game! I would really appreciate it if you fixed that problem, and as soon as it’s fixed, I will give the five stars that it deserves. :-)

Freezes too much

The first time I played this game, I thought it was great. A little laggy, but that didn't make it less fun. The next day (after I lowered the quality to stop the lagging) the game froze before i had a chance to finish my scheduled route. I force quitted out of the app, opened it again, clicked start, and started another schedule. It froze again just before I finished. I will give this game the five stars that it really deserves when the freezing is fixed.


It is a good game but it freezes alot.

bad game

i hate this game i want my money back

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