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Stadtbahn-Simulator Düsseldorf

Games Simulation
Developer: rondomedia GmbH
8.99 USD

The U78 tram line connects Düsseldorf’s Main Station with Fair North. It goes both above and underground. Follow the schedule and drive the B80D city tram on an accurate virtual replica of U78 or roam the city as you please in Free Mode.

The driver’s cabin offers almost all functionalities you can find in the real-life vehicle. Be prepared for a city full of life with traffic, vehicles and pedestrians. Every single above and underground station is replicated and accessible. Just like the city tram the stations are made very close to the original, featuring signs, benches and destination boards. You can even create and share your own tracks using our Editor Mode.

• Düsseldorf’s famous U78 tram line recreated from the Main Station to the Fair North
• Detailed driver’s cabin with a realistic control panel featuring functionalities such as moveable stairs
• Every single above and underground station of U78 tram line is featured.
• A lively environment with pedestrians, cars and traffic
• Drive according to schedule or in free play
• Random scenarios may occur and players will have to adapt just like in real life.
• Integrated weather system
• Create your own tram lines using the in-built editor.

2-button mouse is required